Frequently Asked Questions “FAQ”

Finding the right wedding photographer for your wedding is going to lead to a lot of questions. How could you not have questions regarding such an important part of your wedding day?! Below you will see commonly asked questions I receive. Hopefully these can will provide you with the answers to some of your important questions but if not, I love taking the time to talk with couples outside of emailing whenever possible. If you don’t see your question(s) here please get in touch with me!

“How much does wedding photography cost?”

My wedding collections begin at $3,100. Most couples chose a custom wedding collection typically between $4,000-$4,500.

“My wedding is far away from where you live! Do you travel?”

YES! I am always ready to make the journey to wherever you are having your wedding. Please contact me and tell me all the details! (Travel fees may apply depending on where your wedding is).

“We don’t want an engagement session, can we get discount?”

The quick answer is, no. I believe that engagement sessions hold a great value to you. Being in front of the camera is not natural for most people. Engagement sessions are such an important part of preparing for your wedding. You don’t just get pretty photos out of the session, it truly allows you to get comfortable in front of the camera and prepares you for the wedding day. I can confidently arrive on your wedding day already knowing how you two interact, what your best poses are, and how to photograph you in a genuine way. Engagement session also make the perfect environment to get casual and relaxed photos of the two of you (and your dog too!). The photos will come in handy for save the dates, invitations, and wedding decor.  

“How soon should we book you?”

Typically, clients book 8-12 months in advance. This being said, if you are having a shorter engagement please email me! I could still have your date available.

“Do you have a second shooter?”

Yes! I am lucky enough to work with a handful of amazing photographers who are highly skilled and professional.

“Are you insured and have backup equipment?”

Absolutely! I am always super prepared in this department. Not only am I insured (and can happily supply your venue with proof) but I also have backup equipment!

“Do you deliver every single photo from our wedding?”

I deliver the “best of the best”. I carefully go through every single photo after your wedding and provide you with images that are genuine and timeless. I feel that giving you the best of the best images allows you to have a beautiful array of images from your wedding and is not overwhelming.

“Do you shoot smaller weddings/elopements?”

Totally! I love small weddings! I am happy to make a custom wedding collection just for you!

“Our venue is dark, do you have the proper lighting?”

As a professional photographer, I have trained and learned how to use the proper lighting needed for just about every lighting situation. I carry numerous lights and light stands with me to every wedding.

“Are you willing to hike with us up a mountain for our engagement session?”

OF COURSE! I absolutely love hiking! Not only am I willing to climb a mountain with you but I am up for climbing along the rocky coasts that New England offers.

“Do you photoshop each photo you deliver to us?”

Yes, every photo that I deliver to you. I correct white balance, contrast, and color.

“Do your packages include digital files?”

Yes! I believe that you should have the ability to print as many copies of your photos as you want. Each wedding collection and engagement session includes the high resolution digital files with a print release. With that being said, I do recommend you print them from a quality print company and not your closest drugstore.

“What if I lose my photos?”

Well, don’t panic! Your online gallery is backed up for years!

“How long will it take to get my photos back?”

Your wedding gallery will be delivered 8 weeks after your wedding. Your engagement session will be delivered 4 weeks after your session. I do try to my best to share as many teasers as I can so you can get a sneak peek before your gallery is finished!

“Do I have to add a wedding album at booking?”

Of course not. The collections that include the album are at a discounted rate. So I always advise couples that are on the fence about getting an album to not eliminate it from their package! They are beautiful so you won’t regret it!

“What happens if it is raining on my wedding day?”

We rock it of course! I have shot weddings in just about every weather condition and am prepared for any weather situation. I always have a couple umbrellas ready. Just don’t panic and have a positive attitude. The weather is something we cannot control!

“Can we read any reviews or testimonials about you?”

Of course! Click here to review my google reviews.

“What happens if you die?”

Well, jeez that would totally suck! Thankfully, I have a plan in place and belong to a great network of photographers who are willing to take over my duties if a tragedy should happen.

“How do you describe your photography style?”

I have a photojournalism background and describe my style as romantic, timeless, and natural. I love capturing genuine, passionate, and spontaneous moments throughout your wedding day. I also strive to provide you with photos that are ageless, meaning that in 20 years, they will be just as beautiful as the day you received them. I edit with a very clean style with true colors and with no filters. I also do include both color and black and white photos in your final gallery.